For most, understanding every aspect of personal & business finance can be daunting. Juggling Protection with insurance, Savings, Growth, Cash-flow and Debt, the decisions can be overwhelming.

Our founding principals David & Kate Frank, with almost 50 years of combined experience, have been serving their clients in Houston since the early 1990’s. They envisioned creating a relationship based organization that focuses on providing our clients with a macro-economic financial management system supported by a relationship based process. This creates an education based environment for our team, consumers and clients as to the benefits of comprehensive strategic and dynamic planning with our ‘Protection First Philosophy’.

This is where Innovative Premier Financial Services comes in.

Our vision is to assist families, professionals, business executives and owners by offering strategic comprehensive financial planning, business planning, wealth management, as well as other investment advisory services. As we represent our clients, our associates will bring the highest level of integrity, energy, persistence and dedication as the ‘best of class’ solution for you.

Our relationship philosophy emphasizes a personal relationship approach to better serve the ever-expanding and changing needs of the dynamic financial world.

Whether you have significant assets to manage—or if you are a small business just starting out—we have the tools and background to help provide the services that will create the custom strategy for you..

As a members of the community for decades, We take pride in knowing that we have helped people, businesses and multiple generations of families enabling them to confidently pursue the type of financial futures that fit their individual profiles.