Thomas Stephens

Managing Director, Author, Financial Advisor

Thomas Stephens has been blessed to have achieved a great deal of success in his life. His prior life includes being a proud US Air Force veteran, studied Business at Wayne State and has an MBA from the University of Dallas.   Tom has been in the banking & financial services industry for over 35 years serving in a variety of roles: He was a Senior Executive of a large National bank for 10 years; then left to start his own financial company. Tom was fortunate to retire early & move to Mexico to enjoy retirement.  An unfortunate, diagnosis and then his wife succumbing to cancer a few years later was the catalyst for Tom to come out of retirement and share his experiences with others.

Tom has now spent the last 10 years helping people prepare for and maximize their retirement.  His drive and ambition is giving back & providing guidance, advice & comfort to caregivers and those who have lost a loved one. Tom has authored Financial Workbooks and one Memoir, all available on

Books by Tom Stephens:

“Survivor’s Handbook: Essential Guide to Financial Matters after a Death”

“Planning for Tomorrow: Essential Guide to Having Your Affairs in Order”

“Our Aging Parents: Comprehensive Guide for Caring for Aging Loved Ones”

“The Cost of Aging: Finding Resources to Meet the Financial Cost of Aging”

“Smart Retirement: Critical Things You Should Know Before Cashing Last Paycheck”

“Love You More: A Caregiver’s Memoir”